Paleontology & Radioisotopic Dating Actually Bear Out Biblical Rendition of Sedimentary History Twas Recent & Rapid


If you google search Dino Tissue in Sedimentary Rock, or Soft Cell Dinosaur Tissue in Fossils, you’ll see some of the evidence which makes the darwinists and other uniformitarians moan in deep dismay, and when you consider that lava from recent volcanic eruptions (such as of Mount St. Helens) are hundreds of thousands or millions of years of age according to the radioisotope dating methods though said to be infallible, why should the results from rock samples of the sedimentary column be trusted either? The geologic sequence of entombments of creatures become fossils bears out Noah’s Flood, that the simple relatively immobile creatures were entombed first, then fish, seashore creatures, then reptiles, birds, and mammals, it’s what’s expected from a flood which scoured the supercontinent Pangea as it was separating, sediments with dead creatures therein deposited on the continental masses.