Wooly Elephants Frozen in Arctic Tundra Befuddle Uniformitarians Wondering Why Rapid Entombment Then Freeze?


Elephants in the Arctic during the Ice Age makes no sense without the biblical model, because they flourished in fields of buttercups yet when it was supposedly even colder, enabled by the world ocean warmer in the aftermath of Noah’s Flood (circa 2350 b. c.) when the temperature of the Arctic ocean was about 80 deg. F, so imagine by evaporation the cloud banks which rose off that! By circa 1500 b. c., the world ocean had cooled to about today’s average temperatures to end the Ice Age when the cleared skies allowed much snowmelt and in winter freezing of the flooded-in-mud elephants consumed by the massive snowmelt from the interior, the melting completed within about a century.