Worship of Nit or Neith Granddaughter of Posidon Brought from Desiccated Lake Tritonis to Sais When Ice Age Ended


Neith later known as Athena was a daughter of Triton (of ice age Lake Tritonis) and granddaughter of Posidon (a grandson of Ham worshipped as Baal Hammon or Amun by the Amazigh), the worship of Neith brought to Sais of there Nile Delata when the Ice Age had ended, brought perhaps by the Sea Peoples who were displaced Atlanteans. But the greek king Cecrops is said to have come from Egypt to where was built the Acropolis of Athens, first know as Cecropia, later named Athens for the goddess worshipped at Sais then brought to Greece by Cecrops circa 1300 b. c.(whom Plato wrote lived in the timeframe that Atlantis and much of Greece were consumed by the sea).