Ask Those Intellectually Lazy Pastors to Shake Off Shackles of Uniformitarianism to Arouse Curiosity in Congregation


Who would not love to hear the pastor explain Plato’s Atlantis by the template of Genesis 10 and the hydrology for the Ice Age in the aftermath of Noah’s Flood, and how the Great Pyramid is a monument to ancient geometry meaning earth measure? As well, wouldn’t you like to hear your pastor explain that the biblical kinds of creatures are the syngameons in modern biological parlance, that the “species” are infer fertile at the Genus level on the darwinists’ phylogenetic tree, and sometimes up to the Family level, such that only about 20,000 biblical kinds (syngameons) of creatures need have been on Noah’s Ark? So please blast the link for The Right Sway (dot com) to all the pastors you feel led to contact about this enlightening information, that they can preach all of the Word true history.