Sabazios the Thracian Sap God Saba-Zios Known as Greek Zeus Jupiter by Romans All Names for Iapetos or Japheth


At the impressive citadel of Perperikon in the mineral-rich Rhodopi mountains of southern Bulgaria are the ruins of a temple for the Thracian god Sabazios, whose name means god (zios or dios/day) of the sap, the saba (google etymology of sap), the juice of the fruit (such as for wine) or vegetable as it were. Zeus of the Greeks, their sky god, was the same person in history, the father of Tiras (Thrace) who was Jupiter to the Romans, and Iapetos in Homer’s Iliad, by the time of the Trojan war thought to be in the spirit world of Tarturus with his brother Chronus, Japheth and Ham, two of Noah’s three sons.