Trump Should Consider Renouncing Operation Warp Speed Knowing What He Surely Knows Now Swayed by Mania


If you were president Trump almost two years ago when the wuhan virus had begun spreading throughout the Country, you probably would have felt the pressure which he did to come up with an effective therapeutic or vaccine, the therapeutic Hydroxychloroquine then known very effective but Trump pressured to stop talking about it, to instead go whole hog into Operation Warp Speed. The Emergency Use Authorization for the nRNA shots was granted because there supposedly was/is no effective therapeutic, which is a lie, so Trump should admit that he was swept up by the plandemic mania, and that the mRNA injections are quite risky, a sure way to gain millions more votes in 2024. Liberal prescription of Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin would’ve saved hundreds of thousands of American lives, and herd immunity achieved, without the “need” for the dangerous mRNA shots.