First Mount Ida Central Crete Named for Mother of Teucer Who Sailed to Anatolia After End of Ice Age Drought in Homeland


Teucer of Crete in the days of king Minos experienced the homeland become unsuitable because of drought (when the Ice Age had recently ended), so Teucer sailed northeast across the Aegean sea to western Anatolia to the foot of the mountain he named for his mother Ida (as had been named the tallest mountain on Crete), that land become known as Teucria, and later Dardania for his son-in-law Dardanus who similarly had sailed across the Aegean from Greece via Samothrace (which he found unfruitful), then his sons Ilus and Tros having constructed Ilium or Troy about twenty miles to the northwest from Mount Ida where flowed the Scamander river named for the father of Teucer.