Probably More Americans Have Died After Taking mRNA Injections & Not Ivermectin or HCQ Than Have Died of Wuhan Virus


Most doctors and hospitals in the U. S. have been reporting deaths by other causes as deaths by the wuhan virus, and they’re furthering the scare-hoax by not reporting (or underreporting) the number of Americans who’ve died by the mRNA shots, which could be approaching 100,000 dead, and considering that perhaps 100,000 Americans have died by the blackball of Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin, that the actual number of deaths by the wuhan is probably around 200,000 (as we remember that deaths by Influenza and RSV have not and are not being reported) shows that as many Americans have died by the mRNA shots and by the withholding of the therapeutics as have died by the wuhan virus.