Uzbek Language Like Uyghur’s Both Turkic of Togarmah the Tocharians Progeny of Japheth Usurped Aramaic Tongue of Uz


The Aramaeans of the upper Euphrates adapted the Phoenician (phonetic) alphabet for their own use around 1000 b. c., which became the alphabet of the Sogdians in the land of Uz (a son of Aram), today known as Uzbekistan, yet sometime along the way, the people of Uz adopted the Turkic language nearly the same as that of the Uyghur’s on the other side of the north-south running Pamir mountains, named for Ujur a son of Togarmah (according to Khazar Joseph Ben Aaron), Togarmah a grandson of Japheth for whom were named the Tocharians. Turkey was named for Turki another son of Togarmah.