Fertile Crescent High Country Remained Arable After Ice Age While City States of Sumer Abandoned for Lack of Water


Foraging, farming, hunting, and ranching provided the food for ancient Sumer, the land between the two rivers (Mesopotamia), many city-states of thousands of people where today is desert, because Sumer was great during the Ice Age, then rainfall decreased by perhaps 75% as the Ice Age ended. Many of the city states of the “Akkadians” upstream from Sumer, the ones of the Fertile Crescent, survived to become known as Assyrian (for Shem’s son Asshur), Hurrian (progeny of Shem’s son Ariphurra, Mitani (for Japeth’s son Madai), or Aramea (progeny of Shem’s son Aram, when the Hebrews were in Egypt.