Canaanite Historian Sanchuniathon Noted Writing on Amun Temple Columns That Egyptian Thoth a Son of Misor the Misraim


On a column of a temple to Amun (Baal Hammon who was Ham) somewhere in the Levant was written that Taatus was a son of Misor, that’s the Egyptian god Thoth one of the Misraim (see Genesis 10), Misr which is another name for Egypt. Sanchuniathon of Beruit circa 1200 b. c. recorded this, and that Taatus (Thoth) invented writing, but that was the hieroglyphic writing created in Old Kingdom Egypt (following the Tower of Babel during the Ice Age), while phonetic writing had been given to Adam and Eve, that system carried on by Noah and then by the Hebrews, after the Tower of Babel.