The Casluhim of Misr Progenitors of Philistines Settled During Ice Age Between Pelusiac Distributary of Nile & Gaza


During the Ice Age, after the Tower of Babel, Ham’s son Misr settled in “the land of Ham” which is Egypt (ai Geb, Kem, or Ham), and his son Casluh (the Casluhim) settled along the southeastern corner of the Mediterranean, from whom descended the Philistines, from the Pelusiac distributary of the Nile up to Haluza on the wadi HaBesor and Gerar on the wadi Gerar, where Abraham dealt with the Philistine king Abimelech. Some Philistines during the Ice Age also sailed to Crete and beyond, to the Adriatic where they were known as the Palaeste, those who came back to their original homeland when the Ice Age ended bringing with them Mycenaen culture and probably that language having been adopted too.