Abraham’s Son Ishmael & Grandson Esau Moved South of Promised Land & Lot’s Daughters Moab & Ammon in East


Elohim gave the land to the south and to the east of the Promised Land to Abraham’s progeny of other than the line of his son Isaac, to the south Edom for the progeny Jacob’s brother Esau (among them the Amalekites), to the southeast the Ishmaelite tribes such as Neboith and Kedar, and to the east Ammon and Moab, the daughters of Abraham’s nephew Lot. The Midianites of the Mount Sinai region just east of the Gulf of Aqaba in far northwest Arabia were progeny of Abraham with his wife after Sarah died, Keturah, thus no jealousy by the Midianites among whom was Moses’ father-in-law Jethro.