Purgatory the Celestial Hades of Catholicism Like Judaism’s Gehenna Place of Purging to Return to Shamayim


Eternal Hades was named for Gades (Cadiz) a son of Sidon (Poseidon) who lived far to the west from the Greeks’ perspective, where the sun sets, down below symbolized, Hades the afterlife abode for those not worthy of Elysium (named for Japheth’s grandson Elisha progenitor of the Hellenes), the abode of the deceased Greek heroes. Judaism teaches that those deceased in heaven (Shamayim) though not pure enough are sent to Sheol/Hell for a period of time for purging (not more than a year) to return to Shamayim, and the Catholics’ purgatory is a celestial Hades, the doctrine of purgatory widely believed while though contradictory to the Word obvious to anybody who bothers to read the Holy Scriptures.