Shem’s Grandson Sela Built Fortress Storehouse & Worship Center Mountains of Jordan Later Esau’s Progeny Controlled


Noah’s grandson Arphaxad (a son of Shem) is confirmed by the ancient cities Arpachiya and Urfa in the archaeological record of upper Mesopotamia, yet Arphaxad’s son Sela moved to the west instead of following his father up the Tigris after the Tower of Babel, instead to the mountains of Jordan near the southern end of the Dead Sea where the mountaintop city of Sela was built, his grandson Joktan who became the Qahtani of Arabia, and Peleg the progenitor of the Pelasgians of the eastern Mediterranean (even all the way across the Atlantic to Cuzco in Peru up the Amazon), Heber their father who probably shepherded between Urfa and Sela, during the Ice Age when the deserts were grasslands.