Not Even Turkey Iran & Russia Will Be Able to Defeat Tiny Israel Protected by Elohim the Jew-Haters Destined for Doom


Having met the powerful hand of Israel’s military, the “Palestinians” in Gaza are surely having second thoughts about attacking again, yet they with more will attack Israel surrounded., yet Israel victorious as outlined in Psalm 83, the precursor to Sudan, Iran, Turkey, and mighty Russia destined to attack tiny Israel as described in Ezekiel 38 & 39, when those armies will be defeated. But the Israelis will be war weary after that, and although the according to the chronology in the Seder Olam Rabbah, six thousand years of creation won’t be complete for another few hundred years when the Judaists would expect the Messiah, they will accept the AntiChrist as the Messiah, seven years of Tribulation following.