Guara Boards for Peruvian Balsa Raft Steering Same as Lapida & Frisian Gaarboord Brought Sailing System to Chile


The word gar (a long thin fish) is of the same etymology as the German word ger meaning spear, and the garboard of wooden ships, right next to the keel in ancient times were vertical “spears” extended downward to steer the ship by using various configurations and placements of the garboards, in Peru anciently called guara boards, having been brought to Chile by whom today are called the Araucanians, ancient Frisians come west (from “Atland”) when the Ice Age ended. The ancient Peruvians used balsa log rafts for oceangoing navigation, the guara boards used for steering which were known as Lapida boards in ancient Costa Rica, their base of operations at Koctu of the Diquis river delta.