Fake Fox News Like Sergeant Schultz Supposedly Seeing Nothing While Forensic Audits Ongoing in Swing States


At least a few Fox News personalities want to talk about the rigged 2020 election, Sean Hannity for one, having talked about it recently on his radio show, and Laura Logan on Fox last night having brought up the subject to which host Brian Kilmeade responded with silence and that deer-in-the-headlights look, while just about the whole world is staying abreast of the ongoing forensic audit proceedings in Arizona, Michigan, and Wisconsin as best they can by referring to relatively obscure though excellent sources such as David J. Harris’s website, OAN, and NewsWithViews.com. Nobody expects that Sleepy Joe would be somehow removed from the Oval Office prematurely because of the 2020 election fraud now being exposed and proven, yet shouldn’t Fox News be concerned about election integrity? Oh, that’s right, Fox News called Arizona for Sleepy Joe on election night after only 3% of the votes had been counted, so at what point will the management (the Murdoch bros) at Fox News feel compelled to report the progress of the forensic audits, when the six contested swing states declare that Sleepy Joe won by fraud?