Fortress Submerged Off Syria’s Aradus Island Not Built by Romans as No Record of Catastrophe Athanasius Confirms


Submerged ruins discovered off Aradus Island in 2019 can be added to the other submerged ruins off the Levant, at Byblos, Sidon, Yarmuta, and Tyre, all Canaanite ruins of the Ice Age, yet those off Aradus Island (named for Canaan’s son Arvad) are said to be Roman-built, but the roman historian Athanasius of Alexandria circa 300 a. d. wrote that the orthodox christian bishop Cymatius was chased from Aradus and Antaradus (Tarsus) by Arians (believing Jesus was not deity), the key point that Anataradus meaning opposite Aradus was not built and called that until where now are the ancient cyclopean walls around 50 acre Aradus Island had become an island, when the Ice Age ended.