Resurrection Foretold Many Times in Old Testament Such Power in Translation of Enoch Before Flood Elijah After


Enoch (his body, soul, and spirit) was translated by Elohim to heaven without having physically perished, in the days before Noah’s Flood, so when Job about three hundred year after the Flood wrote about his confidence in resurrection (Job 19: 16), he was privy to the story of Enoch, and when king David wrote of his confidence in the resurrection (in Psalm 16: 20 and Psalm 17: 15), privy to the stories of Enoch and Job, later Elijah translated to heaven as had been Enoch. Because Enoch and Elijah were the only who didn’t taste death, they probably will be the Two Witnesses during the Tribulation period, destined to be killed and then resurrect for all the world to see (via television).