First Gilgal East of Jericho Turned to Desert After Israelites Rose to Bethel Out of Jordan Valley to Rainy Highlands


The oval-shaped Gilgals of stones used as gathering places for the Israelites in the early days of their prosper in the Promised Land are theorized in the shape of a footprint, the first just east of Jericho, 1,400 feet below sea level where the Jordan River flows into the Dead Sea, and the next 90 miles to the northwest 4,400 feet higher at the Canaanite city Luz, renamed Bethel by the Israelites, the next Gilagal about thirty miles north of Bethel at Shechem, these two  Gilgal (Bethel and Shechem) on the Way of the Patriarchs at 3,000 foot elevation, suitable rainfall despite the Ice Age ending at that time.