Jovan Hutton Pulitzer in Maricopa County is Analyzing Mail-In Paper Ballots for Kinematic Artifacts Proving Election Fraud


While Sleepy Joe would probably not be impeached should rampant fraud be proven in the 2020 election, it would be good to have much of that fraud cleaned-up by the 2022 elections wouldn’t it? Jovan Hutton Pulitzer is analyzing the mail-in paper ballots in Maricopa County for ‘kinematic artifacts,” the physics of whether or not a ballot was folded for mailing and whether or not the scanning of the ballot matches the paper ballot mailed in. Millions of fraudulent votes can be proven by hard evidence if all the legislatures (or the courts) in the states which backed Texas’ lawsuit alleging election fraud would demand that all of the mail-in ballots (and their original computer scans) be analyzed. Pulitzer says that this technology for fraud detection is being planned for use in the 2022 elections, so help make sure that happens, contact your state legislators today to ensure election integrity (or at least more so)!