Canaanite City Arad Megalithic Walls Amidst Ice Age Hunter-Gatherer Society Become Desert by Time of King David


During the Ice Age. the Promised Land was verdant throughout, when the Canaanite city of Arad was built about 70 miles south of the City of Jebus (Jebusites), Salem, where Melchizedek lived, now known as Jerusalem, the site of Arad 15 miles west of the Dead Sea where these days the Judaean desert meets the Negev, but during the Ice Age the wadis near Arad which flowed perennially, grasslands and forests, yet by the time of king David, three centuries after Joshua leading the Israelites had conquered Arad, a water well was required dug 15 feet wide and 60 feet deep down to the water table, the land desert.