Progeny of Japheth’s Great Grandson Sawir the Subartu Namesake of Sabarmati River & Sabar Tribe of India


Khazar king Joseph ben Aaron circa 950 a. d. gave us the clue regarding who were the Subartu of Ice Age Mesopotamia, they were progeny of Sawir a son of Togarmah and grandson of Gomer (Cimmerians), some of whom with progeny of Japheth’s son, Madai (Medes) moved to the then developing Indus Valley Civilization where they settled along and named the Sabarmati river and became known as the Sabar tribe. Progeny of Gomer also settled far to the east in China, the Miao tribe which traces its ancestry back to Gomen and Jah-phu, and progeny of “Sawir” having settled where is Siberia.