Arjuna in Mahabharata Watched Ocean Gradually Consume Magnificent City of Kushasthali Kush’s Ice Age Thalassocracy


Submerged in the Gulf of Kutch off northwest India on the submerged lower end of the Gomati river channel are the ruins of the Ice Age city of Kushasthali, also known as Dwarka (meaning doorway to bliss), that city consumed by the sea circa 1500 b. c., witnessed by king Arjuna in the Mahabharata. The name of the city Kushasthali tells the story of Indo Europeans (progeny of Japheth’s son Madai) having brought their language to the Indus Valley Civilization, the city Kushasthali built by the Hamite Kush yet the descriptor thali as in the Greek word thalassocracy (meaning sea power), Indo European (Japhetic), and the “Aryan Invasion”really quite gradual having begun in tandem with the Kushans just after the Tower of Babel, proven by that the Indus Valley Script is writing of Sanskrit, Indo European, embraced by the builders of Kushasthali and the rest of the Indus Valley Civilization.