Buddhism Taoism & Hinduism Centered on World Axis Mount Kailash for Indus & Ganges Kunlun Range for Chinese People


Kushans brought the concept of Mount Sumeru (Tower of  Babel), the stairway to heaven, when they built the Indus Valley Civilization and the Kushan cities of Kashgar and Khotan (between the jade-rich Yurungkash and Karakash rivers) in the Tarim Basin of western China where on the southern media the Kunlun mountains were declared the sacred headwater of the Yellow River and so the axis of the world, the Kunlun range sacred to Taoism, while Mount Kailash to the south, at the headwaters of the rivers Brahmaputra (meaning son of Ham), Sutlej, and Indus sacred to the Hindus and to the Buddhists.