Black Kushans After Babel Moved Eastward to Indus Valley & China Became Black Shang & Ancient Cambodians


Submerged in the Gulf of Cambay (named for Noah’s son Ham) off northwest India are the ruins of two big Ice Age towns along the channel of the extinct Sarasvati river, the remnants of those submerged buildings which are of Indus Valley Civilization style, and the kingdoms of the Kambojas ruled much of northern India after the Ice Age, progeny of Cam (Ham) also having moved to where would be called Cambodia, Cam in ancient legend there “the sea dragon.” The Xi and Shang dynasties of China during and just after the Ice Age were much black, by Ham’s son Kush, of the Hindu Kush and Kushasthali, now submerged in the Gulf of Kutch off northwest India, obviously lending great credence to Genesis 10 (the Table of Nations) and the repeopling of the world within several centuries after Noah’s Flood.