Sons of Ion or Javan Populated Islands of Mediterranean Kittim of Cyprus Dodanim of Dodona Elisha of Hellenes & Tarshish


In Genesis 10, the sons of Japheth’s son Javan (the god Ion of the Ionians) listed are Kittim, Dodanim (or Rodanim), Elisha, and Tarshish, on eastern Cyprus (kupros means copper in Greek) the city of Kittim, Dodana and Rhodes named for Dodanim (Rodanim), Elisha of the Hellenes and the “Elysian Fields” where the sun sets, and Tarshish of the Tarsisi river at the northeast corner of the Mediterranean Sea including Tarsus, also to the west when the Ice Age ended, the people of Tartessos (Tharsis) where what remained of the Atlantean territory continued providing riches.