Japheth’s Son Gomer Cimmerians Prolific Spread Wide During Ice Age Togarmah the Tocharians & Ashkenaz the Saxons


After the Tower of Babel, Japheth’s son Gomer became the patriarch of the Cimmerians north of the Axenos or Euxine Sea, and progeny of his son Togarmah spread far to the east, the Tocharians of the Tarim basin in western China, while Gomer’s son Ashkenaz became the patriarch of whom the Greeks called the Scythians (the Assyrians called them the Askuza), some of them spread west become known as the Saxons, Ascania a name for their realm. Progeny of Japheth’s son Madai (the father of the Medes of the Zagros) moved east and south bringing Indo European language to the Indus Vally Civilization, what became known as the Sanskrit language, and the Miautso tribe of southern China traces their ancestry back to a man named Go-men, Gomer, his father Jah-phu, Japheth, a son of Nuah, Noah.