Moon God Sin a Son of Canaan Moved East Emperor Shun Settled Sinkiang Down Yellow River to Shanxi Plateau


Progeny of Canaan’s son Sin (Sinites) after the Tower of Babel moved south into the then verdant Sinai peninsula and to the east, far to the east, led by Shun (Sin) to where today is the Sinkiang province of western China then down the Yellow River (winding but ends far to the east at the Pacific) to the Shanxi plateau of northeastern China. Sinkiang of western China is just to the east of the Tian Shan (heavenly Sin) mountains, and the Yellow River’s source to the south from the also east-to-west trending Kunlun Shan mountains, between those two mountain ranges the rich jade deposits of the Takla Makan basin, during the Ice Age verdant, since circa 1300 b. c. one of the driest places on earth.