Beja Tribe of Kush Named for Egyptian Word Bja for Meteoric Iron Sacred to Ancients Thinking Sky Made of Metal


Ancient cultures such as the Egyptian taught that the sky is made of iron (a dome we assume), and some of that iron come to earth in meteors which were plentiful apparently during the Ice Age in the land of Kush (south of Egypt) where the Egyptian word for meteoric iron, Bja, was used as a name for Kushites, known today as the Beja tribe. The Egyptian priests waved wands of Bja (meteoric iron), and Bja in ancient Egyptian also means heaven, and in Sanskrit Bija means seed or semen, thus the word Bja apparently Japhetic (Indo European), learned by the Kushites (progeny of Ham) from probably progeny of Madai perhaps shortly after the Tower of Babel when the one language became many.