Qift or Gebtu at Wadi Hammamat on Nile River Founded by Geb Kem or Ham Road to Red Sea Verdant During Ice Age


Copt is the ancient Greek designation for the residents of Gebtu at the mouth of Wadi Hammamat on the Nile river (about 50 miles north of the Nile’s 1st cataract meaning rapids), and along that important wadi eastward the road to the Red Sea, continued along the Wadi Ambagi to the sea down the eastern slope of the gold and building-stone rich Red Sea Hills, verdant during the Ice Age when water wells were not needed, the first well dug along that road not until circa 1280 b. c. by Seti I, helping to prove that the Ice Age ended at the time of the Exodus some seven hundreds years after Geb (Ham, Kem, Chem) had founded Gebtu at that very strategic location, not long after the Tower of Babel.