Athena Anat Neith Nit Daughter of Triton That’s Posidon or Sidon & Granddaughter of Baal Hammon That’s Noah’s Son Ham


Canaan’s granddaughter Anat was apparently a very gifted woman, probably become well-known shortly after the Tower of Babel, she sailed west with her father Posidon (Canaan’s son Sidon), also known Triton, to settle in the region of Lake Tritonis of today’s Tunisia. She became legendarily known as Neith or Nit to the Egyptians, Athena to the Greeks, a goddess they said, known to them as an early leader of the Imazighen (Amazons) and perhaps in the realm when Menouthis was being built by her brother Mneseus at the Ice Age mouth of the now extinct Canopic distributary of the Nile river.