Slav Slovo Ski Together Speech Thracian Language Spread Branches Evolved in Newly Exposed Northern Europe


Ski as a suffix in Polish means from . . . , pointing to where or whom one is from, it’s the same as the ancient Thracian designation for the Pelasgoi, from Peleg (a son of Heber), and slav in Slavic means of one language, together, slovo meaning people who speak together, descendants of Tiras, a grandson of Noah. The Slavic speakers of Thrace spread aggressively into Europe near the regressing edge of the Ice Age icepack circa 1400 b. c., come to dominate eastern Europe, to the west those come by sea, such as the Gaels of Goidel Glas, descendants of Japheth’s son Magog, and apparently the Frisians who told the story in the Oera Linda about the submergence of Atland, and of course the Hamites the Formorians, with Posidon (Sidon) who was a grandson of Ham, the temple of Fosite now submerged off Heligoland.