If the Ice Age Ended 10,000 Years Ago Then Why Does Ancient World History Go Vague Before About 1500 B. C.?


Why does ancient history become quite sketchy preceding circa 1500 b. c. if the Ice Age ended circa 8000 b. c. as surmised by the uniformitarians? Why does it seem that the world entered a new era in the “iron age” whereas in the “bronze age” preceding it was as much a “time of the gods” as it was of men? According to the uniformitarians, horse-breeding and agriculture began circa 5000 b. c., so wouldn’t records of some kind be expected (oral or written) back into that timeframe, and why is there so little ancient history in northern Europe preceding circa 1000 b. c.? History is sketchy before the “bronze age collapse,” that collapse which was caused actually by the ending of Ice Age circa 1500 b. c. when the sea level rose to submerge the equivalent of the land area of the African continent, and the climate dried stranding previously thriving communities in deserts such as the Sahara and the Great Indian (India).