Slavic Languages Brought by Progeny of Japheth’s Son Tiras of Thrace Spread Over Eastern Europe When Ice Age Ended


Japheth’s son Tiras brought his tribe after the Tower of Babel to the region of the lower Danube river, then limited from moving further north and west by the Ice Age icepack (still building circa 2000 b. c..) to become known as the Thracians, their language the original Slavic which when the Ice Age was ending spread north and west remaining mostly one language but gradually evolving into their own forms such as Russian, Polish, Czech, and Ukrainian. The Mysians who lived east of Troy and helped try to defend her in the Trojan War were Thracians from Moesia, and the Bessi tribe of the Thracians maintained the homeland Thracian (Slavic) language up until circa 500 a. d. as a liturgical language.