Ice Age Metal Processing Industry at Saruq Al Hadid South of Dubai Engaged in Trading to Sumer & Indus Valley


Not only does the hunting and gathering of prolific wild game (fishing too), cereals, and fruit associated with the Al Nar Civilization of where today are the United Arab Emirates, probably Joktanites (Qahtani) who processed metals at sites such as Saruq Al Hadid (now in the Rub Kali Desert south of Dubai), prove the Ice Age ended much later than most have been told, also the fact that those ancients at sites too such as al Ain, Tell Abraq, al Qusais, and Jebel al Buhais traded with the city states of Sumer and the Indus Valley Civilization in the 2000 b. c. timeframe up to circa 1300 b. c.