Mount Ophir Gold Bonanza Named for Son of Joktan at Malacca Meaning High Country in Elamite of Tamils?


Apparently progeny of Joktan (a son of Heber in Genesis 10) were seafaring Ice Age explorers who discovered the rich gold deposits where they would name Mount Ophir for a son of Joktan, seafaring with Elamites apparently who had named Meluhha the high country (of the Musandam peninsula of Arabia next to the Strait of Hormuz), and Malacca the same name (Melukhkha), which in Dravidian means high country; Mount Ophir looming over the Strait of Malacca, during the Ice Age, land where today is the eastern end of the strait. A thousand years later, king Solomon collaborated with the Phoenicians under Hiram I to venture to Ophir as recorded in I Kings 9: 26 and I Chronicles 8: 17.