Welsh Navigators Led by Prince Madoc Arrived Mobile Bay Then Up Alabama River to Coosa Finally the Duck & Beyond


Prince Madoc of Wales in 1170 a. d. sailed west across the Atlantic, some say never to return, others that he came back to then take another group of Welsh folk to where today is called Mobile Bay, then up the Alabama River to near DeSoto Falls where on Lookout Mountain they built a castle remarkably similar to Dolwyddelan Castle in Wales, but apparently chased from there by the Cherokees, they sailed up the tributary Coosa River to 3,000 foot elevation Fort Mountain (Georgia) where they built another castle, and finally up the Duck River in Tennessee they built Old Stone Fort, all those forts said by the natives to have been by “white men,” who upon being run out again voyaged down the Tennessee River to the Ohio, to the Mississippit, then upstream to the Missouri River where they became known as the Mandan tribe, their language much like Welsh, blue eyes, European town layouts.