Japheth’s Progeny Sons Javan & Magog Ancestors of British & Irish Both Lineages Mostly Same Early Names by Marriage


Ancient British records by Nennius show the Brits descended from Japheth by his son Javan, the Irish records showing the Irish descended from Javan’s brother Magog, but what is very interesting is the four descendants following Javan and Magog in the respective records are essentially the same names, the Brits’ Jobath, Bath, Hisrau, and Esraa descended from Javan, the Irish’s Jobath, Fraimaint, Easru, and Sru descended from Magog, so apparently by marriage before the Tower of Babel confusion was perhaps a sister of Javan married to a son of Magog, or vice versa, then sailed west into the Atlantean realm.