Aegean Sea Half Its Current Width During Ice Age When Peleg Founded Pelasgia Outlet Gap 20 Miles Mykonos to Icaria


During the Ice Age, when the sea level was several hundred feet lower, where today are the Sporades islands of the Aegean was a peninsula from the mainland (today known as Greece), and where today are the Cyclades islands at the southern end of the Aegean was a peninsula which extended to within a mere twenty miles of the Anatolian land which now are the islands in the Icarian sea (off the southwest coast of Turkey), so in those days when Peleg (Pelasgus) and Javan (Ion), and Elisha (Hellen) were settling where today is called Greece (Pelasigia), the Aegean sea was a long narrow bay on average about one hundred miles across with a bottleneck at the southern end, many submerged ruins to prove it.