Pelasgian Tyrrhenus Namesake of Italy’s Etruscans a Son of Tantalos/Atys Eastern Aegean Language Lemnos Script Brought


When the Ice Age was ending, drought forced Pelasgian king Tantalos (Atys) of western Anatolia (Turkey named for a son of Togarmah) to break-up his family, starvation setting in, so sending one of his sons Tyrrhennus to Italy (Atalya) to become known as the Etruscans, and another son Pelops to Arcadia were that peninsula became known as the Peloponnesos (southern Greece), nesos the same word Plato used to describe the empire of Atlantis, a peninsula, coastal Western Europe, and the realm having extended eastward as Plato wrote to the Tyrrhenian Sea (off the west coast of Italy).