Hesiod Said Lycaon a Son of Pelasgus & Father of Arcas of Arcadia Brought Hermai of Cush to Ice Age Pelasgia


The first temple to Hermes in what later would be known as Greece (for the Graikos tribe) was built on Mount Kyllene by Lycaon, a son of Pelasgus who was Heber’s son Peleg (see Genesis 10), having brought the worship of Hermes (Cush) by perhaps Peleg himself after the Tower of Babel. The archaic Minyans of Ice Age Pelasgia are thought to have been Pelasgians, though named for Minyas who was a son of Sidon (“Posidon”), this born out by Lycaon’s grandson Arcas (Arcadia) having been nurtured by Maia, a daughter of Sidon and great granddaughter of Noah (“Deucalion” or Zeus).