Cush-Hermes Masterminded Tower of Babel Then Division Brought His Boundary Markers the Hermae East to West


Ham’s son Cush who “brought kingship back down from heaven to Kish (after the Flood)” helped his son Nimrod mastermind and build the Tower of Babel, central government to the max, a tyranny, but then Elohim confused the one language (to become known as Hebrew) into many languages, many people groups spread all over the world wanting boundary markers between their territories, the hermae of stone in Greece (brought by the ice age Pelasgians), often four-sided pillars with Cush’s head (“Hermes”) on top, and erect penis down below sticking out! The Shiva Lingam of Thailand were boundary markers too, four-sided columns with rounded tops, the four sides for the earthly plane (longitude and latitude), the round for the heavens, the edge the round horizon. (See Page titled Great Pyramid for Navigation.)