Hercules’ Foe Antaeus Buried in Tumulus at Mzoura Surrounded by Astronomically Aligned Monoliths Like at Carnac


The megalithic culture of the Ice Age in today’s England (Stonehenge), France (Carnac), and Spain (dolmens at Menga and Viera) lasted for a time after the Ice Age where Atlantis had ruled northwestern Africa and far Western Europe, for instance at Mzoura near Tangier (Morocco), the Tomb of Antaeus whom great Hercules killed during his 12 Labors circa 1300 b. c. The roman general Quentis Sertorius, according to Plutarch, learned of the gigantic tomb surrounded by monoliths from the local Amazigh (not from the Greeks), descendants of Amazons, and he opened it to discover the bones of a giant (of Canaanite ancestry like king Og of Bashan east of the headwaters of the Jordan river).