Herodotus Learned First Hand That the Atlantes Lived in Atlas Mountains Later Plato Told Egyptian Atlantis Tale


The Greek historian and philosopher Plato circa 400 b. c. learned the story of Atlantis via Critias and Timaeus from priests at Sais in Egypt (told to Solon circa 600 b. c.), yet about fifty years before Plato heard the story, Herodotus went to Sais where he did not hear any story about Atlantis but during his travels west learned that Atlantes lived in the Atlas mountains near the Atlantean sea (Atlantic ocean). Plato’s story treats Atlas human, a son of Posidon, supposedly of the earliest humans, while Herodotus probably saw Atlas as the second generation Titan god of greek mythology whose brother Menoetius the god was the Mneseus in Plato’s Atlantis story, fully human, a brother of Atlas.