Senate Can Decline to Certify Electors for Biden in Seven Swing States Only for Indecision for Each State One Vote


When/if U. S. senator Tommy Tuberville of Alabama and perhaps other Republican senators join with House Republicans in contesting the ratification of the Electoral College votes for Smartmatic Joe Biden in the seven contested states, it will come to a vote in the Senate putting on the spot such as senators Cornyn, Toomy, Thune, Lankford, Hyde-Smith, Blackburn, and Portman would certainly be put on the hot-seat, whether to be on the right side of history insisting on election integrity or figuratively branded forevermore with the UGS for unpatriotic global socialist. Then upon failing to gain 270 electoral votes for Biden, the issue would go to the House where each state would have one vote dependent mostly on which party controls in a particular state being contested.