Tarshish or Tarsus First Settled South of Mineral Rich Taurus Mountains Later Progeny Sailed to Found Tartessos


Noah’s great grandson Tarshish after the Tower of Babel moved to the region south of the Taurus (bull) mountains near the northeastern corner of the Mediterranean, a region mineral rich including tin to make bronze, the city called Tarshish or Tarsus, at the foot of the falls of the Tarsus river about 10 miles from the sea (when Tarshish lived during the Ice Age about 20 miles from the sea). When the Ice Age ended, a son of the Canaanite king Agenor moved to the region, Cilix his name, for whom the region became known as Cilicia where is the ancient city of Tarsus (Tarshish), and many of Tarshish sailed to the west, to found the kingdom known as Tartessos, in the shadow of the mineral rich Sierra Morena mountains which had been the source of mineral wealth for the empire of Atlantis.