Natufian Culture the Canaanites Founded Jericho the Halaf Culture of Khabur or Habur River the Hebrews of Arphaxad


The uniformitarians (darwinists) say that Jericho in the Jordan river valley was founded circa 9000 b. c. by hunter-gatherers of the “Natufian culture,” who had no need to farm because of the availability of a wide variety of trees, grasses, and bushes, for nuts, seeds, and fruits to go along with the wild game readily available, aurochs, onagers, deer, and gazelles, plus much fishing, for it was during the Ice Age when perhaps 40 inches or rain fell there not just 10 to 15. Those were Canaanites who founded Jericho, actually circa 2200 b. c. after the Tower of Babel, the Natufian culture which spread to the west across North Africa, to Atlantis which had been founded by the Canaanite Sidon (Posidon) and his sons (among them Atlas). To the north of Jericho was the “Halaf culture” along the Khabur or Habur river (flowing into the Euphrates from the north), named for Heber a grandson of Arphaxad (who built Arpachiyah).