Trump Family & Partners May Have Nice Contracts for Fox News Primetime Stars as President Disses Network


Millions of constitutional nationalist Americans are finding other news shows to watch, anything but on Fox News, while president Trump trashes the Fox News personalities except those talking about the widespread orchestrated voter fraud (much of it by “glitches” in the Dominion Voting Systems used in 28 states) which has caused Sleepy Joe to “win,” so Trump seems to be angling that the primetime stars in support of counting only legal votes should leave Fox News, or stay there to show the contrast, like night and day, between the truth seekers on Fox News vs. the establishment shills such as Bret Baier, Chris Wallace, Dana Perino, Leland Vittert, Gillian Turner, Arthelle Neville, Eric Shawn, Trace Gallagher, Sandra Smith, and Martha McCallum, their paychecks more important than seeking the truth.